Nerida de Jong

Nerida de Jong

About Artist Nerida de Jong.


Artist Nerida de Jong captures the essence of her life experiences in the rich, vibrant colors of her acrylic paintings. Her style is very natural with brush strokes flowing organically. Her attention to intricate and beautiful detail brings a reality to her work that draws you into the painting allowing you to share those experiences with her.

Her paintings tell real life stories. “My works are just what they are—explanations of what’s happening around me at a particular time,” de Jong explains.

Remembering the passion for drawing and painting that she felt from the age of three, the Australian Artist Nerida de Jong has spent much of her life in some of the most beautiful corners of the globe, from the exotic Cook Islands and Fiji, to provincial France and now to the breathtaking Greek Islands. These idyllic locations called “home” over the years continue to have a great influence on her artwork today.

De Jong’s work is represented in galleries in a variety of countries and in many private collections throughout the world.